A&R Capital Partners LLP-London

A&R Capital Partners LLP is an investment banking boutique founded as a joint venture between Rexcell Investment Holdings LLP ( ) which is a subsidiary of IFXBG Investment Banking Group from Spain and A&S Joint Economic Consultancy Company which is a consultancy company based out of kuwait and is part of Aswarna group ( ). Its headquarters is in London, Canary Wharf and has an operational support office in Madrid. It also has an office presence in Istanbul and Kuwait as well to serve its partners and clients.

The founding principals of A&R have decades of experience in dealing with international financial markets as well as project development and execution in emerging markets. The group is in the process of preparing a pipeline of Real Estate development projects in London, Berlin, Wien, St. Petersburg , Istanbul and in GCC countries.

The group is establishing shariah compliant private equity funds in UK for the equity requirements of its projects and also has at its disposal international surety companies for credit enhancement for its sukuk bonds that will be issued for the debt side of its real estate projects. This gives a unique edge in successfully funding any viable and feasible real estate development project

Another funding instrument the group has working in strategic alliance with its US investment bank partners is a % 100 project financing with investment grade entities acting as lessors for to be built projects which is a unique edge in today’s difficult financial marketplace. The group’s US partners are in close collaboration with pension and health funds for this product.

A&R Capital Partners LLP is very selective in providing its Services to outside clients other than its partners. For approved clients, the group provides the following advisory Services :