Power Plant

Natural gas remains a primary input in electricity generation in Turkey. As far as the Turkish energy market is concerned, the total amount Thermal resources account for almost three quarters of electricity generation in Turkey.

Natural gas and LNG cumulatively command a 45% share in thermal resource-based electricity production.


Identified as a key emerging market since 2009, Turkey remains one of the key potential markets for growth in the coming years. The favourable macroeconomic situation, the increasing electricity demand, the good wind resources and the ambitious targets all point to a promising future for wind power in Turkey.


High economic growth and soaring energy demand has forced Turkey to heavily rely on imported conventional energy sources, in particular, natural gas and coal, which has created a significant energy security problem.

Tidal Power

Seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and the enormous forces rushing through the oceans and rivers can easily supply the entire planet with renewable energy.The power of the rise and fall of the sea level or tidal power, can be harnessed to generate electricity.