Message from our partners

It is my great pleasure to see my second message in the Group’s website. This would not be possible without the launch of ASWAR & SEMS (A&S) Investments and the conclusion of a joint venture with the SEMS Group.

I am particularly pleased to be able to participate in the fruition of many years of close co-operation between our two corporations and I have no doubt that this combination of experience and expertise will continue to flourish in 2012 towards our mutual benefit.

ASWAR Group has a particularly unique combination of talent and enterprise in its management and staff, one that has often been remarked upon to me in the past. Their positive attitude and energetic atmosphere, even during long hours, is an example to others and an inspiration to my other colleagues.

Corporate and personal investment is an increasingly popular form of saving and growth around the world. Despite the recession in many industrialised economies, the continuing surge in property prices in markets such as China and the thirst for bonds from the BRIC nations shows that the more prudent investors are still keen to seek maximum returns on their capital.

Through A&S Investments we hope to have a dedicated arm of ASWAR that can focus on securing liquidity through banks and private finance, which can support our ongoing opportunities, many which are private offers not advertised to the wider market.

These days risk and return must be carefully balanced in order to succeed. With this in mind it is my first priority to ensure that this is our watchword, from the beginning of any venture until the day of completion, on time and on budget.

I invite you to get to know us personally and join us from the beginning of our newest venture.

Ugur Akkus
Partner of the Board